I’m moving to Australia!

flying to Adelaide tomorrow

Our bags our packed and the movers arrive tomorrow. One month ago, I switched my employment with Casa Dorinda from full-time to a 31 day contract so that I could focus on getting ready for a complete life-change. During that time I was a bit restless, so I:

  1. Trained the new person taking over my job at Casa Dorinda
  2. Wrote and published 2 e-books for Amazon
    1. How to make and sell one of a kind bracelets fast
    2. How to make DIY Training Videos for fun and profit whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a team (should be available on Amazon by the end of the day)
  3. Produced 31 intros and outros for my DIY online training video series – thanks to help from the awesome team of Elizabeth and Declan Minnis who managed makeup, lights, film, and keeping me on-task for a 3 day shoot.
  4. Pubished 2 online training videos on Skillshare
  5. Published courses online to Amazon, Udemy, and Curious
  6. Packed up the house and managed mommyhood for the last month of school for my first grader
  7. Kept the house clean and staged for selling our home

Isn’t that insane? Realistically, I managed this hectic schedule by avoiding perfectionism and enlisting the help of friends, business associates, and a supportive husband. I couldn’t have done it without my support system!

Tomorrow we move to Adelaide, South Australia, so I will be able to rest on the 24 hours of flight time, right?

How about enjoying a quick video from Australia.com?