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So, what has been keeping me busy lately?

back yard

Life has been very busy lately. Upon arrival in Australia, I worked for a little over 3 months at SAHMRI (South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute) where I developed a comprehensive, 3-year marketing, communications and development strategy. At the end of the assignment, we decided to set deep roots into the South Australia by purchasing a hobby farm in Stirling, South Australia. In December, just before the Christmas break, we moved into our new home.

For the past two months, we’ve been busy tending the grapevines, fruit trees and veggie patch and set up a beehive with Italian honeybees. (we have plenty of native honeybees here and they live in harmony) Between Christmas and New Years Day, we had a cyclonic storm that knocked out our power for 4 days, so we moved back into hotels and short stay accommodation while we waited for everything to get back to normal. Next week, our egg incubator arrives, and we will pick up some fertilized eggs so that our daughter, Julia can raise chickens from the egg on up.


The property has abundant wildlife which is both a blessing and a curse. Our resident koalas are adorable. The Sulphur crested cockatoos galahs, and lorikeets have gotten to most of the fruit on our apple trees before we could net them. For pest control, the fairy wrens take care of the spiders and the kookaburras are great snake hunters. If you would like to learn more about our hobby farm, please visit my blog at Hobby Farm Girl.

Julia will be starting at her new school on Monday.


Now that we are truly settled in our new home, I am available to support businesses with their traditional and online marketing, strategic planning and development needs. I’ve opened a video marketing business at Online Fund Tech and can also manage your social media strategy. For nonprofits, I can also set up a donations portal and set up online viral campaigns so that you can avoid paying ongoing commissions to outside organizations. If you are interested in these services, please let me know. I am also available to participate on a limited number of both nonprofit and corporate boards.

I’m moving to Australia!

flying to Adelaide tomorrow

Our bags our packed and the movers arrive tomorrow. One month ago, I switched my employment with Casa Dorinda from full-time to a 31 day contract so that I could focus on getting ready for a complete life-change. During that time I was a bit restless, so I:

  1. Trained the new person taking over my job at Casa Dorinda
  2. Wrote and published 2 e-books for Amazon
    1. How to make and sell one of a kind bracelets fast
    2. How to make DIY Training Videos for fun and profit whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a team (should be available on Amazon by the end of the day)
  3. Produced 31 intros and outros for my DIY online training video series – thanks to help from the awesome team of Elizabeth and Declan Minnis who managed makeup, lights, film, and keeping me on-task for a 3 day shoot.
  4. Pubished 2 online training videos on Skillshare
  5. Published courses online to Amazon, Udemy, and Curious
  6. Packed up the house and managed mommyhood for the last month of school for my first grader
  7. Kept the house clean and staged for selling our home

Isn’t that insane? Realistically, I managed this hectic schedule by avoiding perfectionism and enlisting the help of friends, business associates, and a supportive husband. I couldn’t have done it without my support system!

Tomorrow we move to Adelaide, South Australia, so I will be able to rest on the 24 hours of flight time, right?

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